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It has been incredibly busy, but in a good way. In the midst of finishing up wedding invitations, programs, birthday invitation suite, and sending out more custom stamp orders, I helped my friends Leslie + Warren decorate for their wedding! Normally I stick to doing behind-the-scenes work on paper, but this time, I decided to practice my rusty table-setting skills that I picked up while working at a bakery years ago.

Leslie + Warren’s welcome table team helped me to set up the two welcome tables here (above and below), and even though the tables turned out to be longer than I had expected, it still worked out! I had done a trial run with the welcome tables at home and sent pictures over to Leslie the week before, and it made the setup go by sooo quickly! All the items were either from my home or borrowed from friends, including those awesome suitcases. I think the only things we purchased were ribbon, the picture frame, and maybe a few more vases to round out the collection.

Leslie + Warren also asked me to decorate some tables that were set out for their church reception. Leslie had gathered over 50 jars/vases, so we set out to find flowers and burlap to make it work! She was even able to get ahold of over 30 books that were perfectly vintage and cloth-bound from one of her church’s office-clearing event and we used those as well!

The flowers came from a friend’s family-owned flower shop, and they were beautiful! We used white lisianthus flowers together with baby’s breath. The flowers were super easy to work with, and we trimmed them all to fit the jars on the spot!

It turned out to not be too much work after all, and it was so fun to set up everything for display. I kind of miss doing it on a regular basis at the bakery!

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