fed friday: kaiser rolls

Posted on Mar 16, 2012 in Food + Recipes | No Comments

Today, I attempted to make hamburger buns for the third time. Previously, I tried using this recipe for hamburger buns, and both times, they never even made it in the oven. I don’t even know what I did wrong…probably didn’t knead it correctly or something. Well, this time, I found a recipe for kaiser rolls and decided to do that instead. It looked easy enough, and I have been baking sourdough bread as of late, so I figured might as well put that bread-baking knowledge to use!

It worked!!! These rolls are SO delicious. I sprinkled 4 with sesame and 4 with dried onions. It was an easy to follow recipe, although I did use the shaping process from here. The texture inside was perfect, so airy and soft, and the outside had a nice crust thanks to steaming it in the beginning of baking. They actually turned out to be pretty big rolls, so Steve and I are quite stuffed from dinner. Next time I will make 12 instead of 8 buns. That would be way easier to manage in terms of eating. :)

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